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Getting The Best Out Of Your Sound & Video Conferencing Equipment

In the world today, conferencing is becoming ever more popular and now a vital business tool for any business. Price and quality has always been a negative factor for video conferencing in general. However, this has now changed with the worlds manufacturers now producing video systems that surpass in quality and performance. Roland Sound Group are placed to offer best places in the industry supported by the highest quality aftercare support and warranty. Need support with video production? Click here. Video conferencing is on the increase with changes in the…

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Video Production

Whether you need a commercial or a wedding/event videographer, you will find we can help you; take a look at our Local section to see if we have a filmmaker in your area. Why RSG Are The Best Choice For You At RSG we are passionate about video production and helping to promote professionalism and standards in the industry. We work hard for our customers in order to grasp their vision and improve their businesses. RSG was founded in 2010 and is one of the most cutting edge and successful…

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Damaged Device? Follow Our Guide

Those who are in this industry, knows too well how much they rely on electric devices to improve the quality of their work. But, they also know that sometimes things don’t always go to plan and they can break. See: Video Production. This can be frustrating as it acts as a set back to your work. Square Repair, Central London With the advances of technology, it means we can do much more than ever imagined on our phones. But, as well there are still issues. They specialise in smart phone…

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Money You Can Save

Return on Investment (ROI) – Savings against travel and lost time If you were to invest £38.50 + VAT per month (Polycom VSX5000 IP Entry Level System) you could save a vast amount of budget from reduced travel. Meetings where employees may travel 3 to 4 hours between offices, just for 1 hour meetings, several times a week. The use of video conferencing could reduce this travel cost and also allow you to meet more often. The cost of travel extends beyond just petrol costs, employee travel time out of…

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